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Last Updated: May 6th, 2017

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John Smit

Great site! I highly recommend.

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Lost all my money
Joe SMo

deposited and lost it all within minutes. :(


IQ Option is one of the largest binary options broker in the world. Some of the major features of their platform include, over 500 assets, available on iOS, Android, and web, 13,000,000+ members, fast withdrawals, $10 minimum deposit, $1 minimum option price, $5000 maximum option price, profitability of up to 91% in case of correct prediction; unlimited for classic options.


IQ Option

Our Review

IQ Option is a CySEC regulated binary options trading platform that is taking the industry by storm. We feel that they are definitely one of the top brokers available today. In this review we are going to go through some key features that we feel set IQ Option apart from their competition.

IQ Option Platform


We found that IQ Option has one of the best looking platforms on the market. They allow you to trade on your smartphone, tablet, and PC. This means that you will be able to quickly respond to market events no matter where you are. They have over 500 tradable assets, and 3 different binary option types. In the past, users have complained about freezing, but we have been told that this has been fixed.


The next thing that we looked at was their prices. We believe that they have very reasonable prices, and are on par with the market rate. They also offer a $1,000 demo account to practice.

  • Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Maximum Deposit: $1,000,000 / Day
  • Minimum option price $1
  • Maximum option price $5000
  • Profitability of up to 91% in case of correct prediction
  • Unlimited profitability for classic options


Another feature that we really liked was their customer support and payment system. They offer 24/7 customer support in over 16 different languages and a very good withdrawal system. All withdrawals are processed within 24 hours and they support a ton of different payment methods. We have received a few complaints from people saying they weren’t payed, but after investigating further we found that they were trying to cheat the system and were breaking IQ Option’s TOS. As long as you follow their rules, you will receive your payment.


Overall we really like IQ Option, and would definitely recommend that you sign up. We feel that their high quality platform along with their low fees make them one of the best binary options platforms out there. Simply click the button below to be taken to their official site where you can create an account and start trading.

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New platform is great
William Turner

Their new trading platform looks amazing. Also, I like that the min deposit is only $10. Overall I would recommend.

Lost all my money
Joe SMo

deposited and lost it all within minutes. :(

I like

Very good. The UI looks amazing, and the withdrawals are always very fast.

John Smit

Great site! I highly recommend.

pretty good

not bad, i've had some good days and some bad days


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